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Swim Meet Roles

The roles below represent the positions that the team must fill for each of our virtual swim meets. In order to minimize the number of people on the pool deck, some jobs have been modified so that they can be completed at home after the meet. Also, each job will last throughout the entire meet instead of for one half at a time, minimizing passing of materials between volunteers. Thank you for your patience with us as we make our way through this COVID-19 format in our first year as co-presidents! 

Duties Requiring No Formal Training

  • Set-up – Helps get the pool ready prior to each home meet.
  • Timers – Run a stopwatch in one swim lane to time swimmers each event (5 needed for each meet). Record times on sheet provided by KP Dolphins.
  • Head Timer – Maintains extra stopwatches for emergencies (1 needed for each meet)
  • Ribbon Writer – Takes home ribbons and scoring information to write ribbons for distribution at a later practice *This is a TAKE HOME job this year*

Duties That Require Some Training 

  • Scorer – Calculates team and meet score after inputting timer data from the virtual meet *This is a TAKE HOME job this year*
  • Head Judge - Validates Stroke and Turn Judges' decisions during the meet (1 needed per meet, must have prior S & T training/experience)
  • Stroke and Turn Judge – Watches swimmers during races to ensure that their strokes and turns conform to VPSU regulations (2 experienced, 2 new required for each meet. This is an excellent way to learn more about swimming technique!).
  • Starter – Announces the events and starts each race (1 needed at each meet)
  • Referee – Runs the home swim meets (1 needed for home meets)
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